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Lincoln steampunk weekend


Friday was quite laid-back, as we'd arrived on time.

Rachel had her electric Sailor Moon wand in action.

I was surveying the B&B for possible construction materials.


Costume Competition

For the costume competition on Saturday, Rachel had the rocket pack and bright red flying helmet

The rocket pack had built-in blinkenlights, gratuitous decorative cogs, and also full pyro. Which Rachel wouldn't let me fire (at least not while she was wearing it, as I'd forgotten to pack the fire extinguisher.)


The Dornberger Ætherian Rocket-Pack

The latest in pyrotechnic propulsion technology. Inspired by the work of Professor Frost whilst travelling the Didcot System, and powered by the Revolutionary New Fuel of Tea.

Miss Helga Von Flamme the intrepid aviatrix and her Dornberger Ætherian rocket-pack.

Since her appearance last year, Miss Von Flamme has renounced her airship for the sheer excitement of vertical ascent upon a pillar of gaseous posterior flame.

Its rapid ascent has already proven of great value in permitting a hasty escape from situations of great peril. Most useful when a lady has travelled to those parts of the Empire, or even beyond, to which normal British morality has not yet reached.

Rankin stopped half-way through reading my blurb and described is as "Very well written". Oh Sprouts. I've just had my writing commended by the author of one of those Trilogy things.

Saturday Ball


Rachel on Sunday

Contraptions Competition

Arfon's deep-frozen dinosaurs

Crispy. Crunchy. Bitey.

Herr Doktor, Rocket sphere - as previously seen at Oxford.

Hendricks were there with generous supplies of Free Gin. They also showed how they make it, in a bathtub full of cucumber and roses. Allegedly.

If you made a fool of yourself in public for a little while, they gave you more Free Gin. Which is the other way round from usual.


Museum of Lincolnshire Life

Monday we had time for the Museum of Lincolnshire Life. A great little place, with locally-built excavators, a First World War tank and even a Livens projector.

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